Art will save your nerve cells!

Colors can reveal your secrets!

My colleagues psychologists use images to find out about the emotional state of our patients. They whether show pictures to people or ask them to draw something. Art therapy helps to relax when you’re nervous and tired of life. Even if you’re a terrible painter, you’d love this activity. It reminds of our carefree childhood, coloring books and brings pure joy! The palette that you choose can tell a lot about your present mood:

  • When you feel comfortable, you might probably pick the green color.
  • Red will indicate that your heart rate is elevated. It can be connected both with positive and negative emotions, such as romance, passion or anger.
  • Choosing orange for a drawing, you tell that you’re ready to try something new.
  • Black is a sign of tension and stress.
  • If you’re determined and know what you want, you’ll probably prefer the purple color.
  • Feeling creative? Let your fantasy free and experiment with yellow!

And you won’t need sedatives!

On the other side, surrounding yourself with bright hues prevents from getting depressed. The simplest thing that you can do is to purchase a painting and hang it in plain view. It’ll draw your attention no matter you what it or not because our eyes notice vibrant colors in the first place. I’ve already bought my art medicine from sadness. The canvas is depicted by Leonid Afremov who’s famous for his palette knife technique. It consists in applying oil thickly on the surface. See how Leonid does it in one of his lighthouse paintings here.  Owing to the technique, which adds volume to the picture, the sky looks very realistic! It’s a kind of wavy and we can notice the strokes applied by the artist. Which colors catch your eye? Of course, red and yellow. Saturated, deep, vivid palette of the artwork fills my soul with warmth and pleasure. The yacht is sailing in a multicolored calm sea. Must be really quiet there! This beautiful sunset soothes my thoughts and frankly speaking, I sometimes fall asleep after dreaming about the place! Art can definitely help to cope with stress and worries!

If you don’t like the paintings of lighthouse, Leonid Afremov has hundreds of other canvases to offer. His customers come from various countries of the world but art unites them all! Visit Leonid’s website, make friends with his admirers and become a member of this Finer Things Club!

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