Thinking aloud about values

It seems while I’m getting older, my understanding of the world is changing too. The lesson that life’s taught me recently is that everyone needs time. Time to think, find yourself, become tolerant and wiser. This cute image is like the embodiment of my words If a person hesitates about his decision, give him time. If it’s meant to be, he’ll come back, if not – just let him go. I agree that when one door closes, another one opens somewhere. I also believe that all the troubles that we face are deserved. Maybe it sounds too philosophical, but my job proves that the more good you do, the more you get in return. I love people not because I’m looking forward to being loved back. I behave exactly the way I feel, showing the others my inner world and never get upset if it’s not mutual. And I’m talking not only about romantic relationship. Friendship, respect, help, compassion and other forms of recognition are earned today if you treat someone the same way. But it’s not right to say ’I’ll help only if you help me’. The sincerity of intentions is defined by generosity! It doesn’t count if a rich person donates a million dollars but doesn’t keep the fact quiet. No publicity should be involved in charity, otherwise it looks as another opportunity to feed your ego.

I wish people of the universe became kinder and more human. You never know in whose shoes you’ll have to walk tomorrow!


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